The Salt of Life and biological element transmutation Dr. Robert O. Young is considered a leading expert on de-acidification and basic nutrition. Based on his experience of decades of practice, he supports the revolutionary theory of biological element transmutation according to Dr. Kervran. Element transmutation explains inter alia the regulation of body salt content of blood, body temperature and acid-base balance, and the formation of blood (hemoglobin / iron) and bone formation (calcium / magnesium). As Dr. Kervran has proved by many known natural phenomena, low-temperature transmutation of elements occure naturally up to atomic number 26 (iron). Research made at the Maritime laboratory at Roscoff shows that shellfish can make their own calcium shells even if they are put in sea water devoid of any calcium. Chicken were put in an environment where there was absolutely no calcium and they were not given any calcium (Ca) either in the food. After some days they started lay eggs which had soft shells. After they received a potassium (K) supplement they could make eggs with normal calcium amounts after 20 hours. The chicken had in some way transformed or transmuted the potassium into calcium. Sodium (eleventh element in the periodic system) acts as a basic building block of the most important chemical elements in the metabolism, and it is probably not without reason that salt (NaCl) and Water (H2O) are the most present molecules in the blood. By simple addition of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O), according to Dr. Kervran, sodium and chloride is converted in the body into other metabolically critical elements: 11Na + 1H <=> 12Mg 11Na + 8O <=> 19K 11Na + 8O + 1H <=> 20Ca 12Mg + 8O <=> 20Ca 19K + 1H <=> 20Ca 17Cl + 8O + 1H <=> 26Fe 8O + 8O <=> 16S As can be seen from the transmutation table, a lack of magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron can be caused by lack of salt (NaCl) and water (H2O). Transmutation occurs also in non-living nature. If one pours water over burning coal, it smells after sulfur. The common explanation is, that the sulfur is released in a “chemical reaction”, but there doesn’t even exist a theoretical formula for this “release reaction”. There is strong evidence for a “condensation” reaction of two oxygen atoms (8O + 8O = 16S).